Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saints be praised! Lush is done!

Well, I accomplished one thing this week (I've been sick, and whiney, and basically useless since last weekend). I finished my pet knitting project! I was really sweating this, as I converted the pattern pretty drastically, and Rowan denim yarn is a little tricky to work with because you knit it 20% longer than you want it to be and then wash and shrink it. I knit it in the round, the body and the sleeves onto the body (see previous Lush posts by using the google search on this page), and I was nervous that the sleeves wouldn't shrink right with the body. No worries! It worked!
Before washing pic:
After the shrink:


sari gordon said...

oooh, pretty! that's a nice color on you. how could stand to try it on during this hellacious heat?

ninamal said...

shut up! That is so totally cute! Now take that thing off- yer makin me sweat!

Debra said...

Fantastic sweater. Yes, I now see how you once had a knitting blog... :)

You're little guy is absolutely adorable.