Friday, January 13, 2006

Huang Yong Ping Retrospective at the Walker

To kick off our New Years Resolution of doing things other than aimlessly wandering around bookstores (shopping) for entertainment, the old man and I went to see this exhibit at the Walker last week. I loved it! What can I say, it was right up my alley, it flipped my wig. A real wig-flipper.

Huang Yong Ping at the Walker
See the link for more info about Mr. Ping, but I think it's only at the Walker for a few more days so I don't know how long this link will work...

Song of the Week: Come On

Come On
Remember this one, Sharbles? It's the one where Chuck's had a really bad day, his car's busted and he can't afford to check it and he wishes someone would come along and run into it and wreck it!
Just a good song about having a bad day. I am also posting it to quote Gob from Arrested Development, in protest of the show's cancellation. Gob's new favorite saying when in a difficult situation is "COME ON"!

PS-no comments about Chuck's rather unpleasant fetish will be tolerated! This is good clean fun, as Chuck Berry's music was meant to be! If you don't have any idea of what I'm talking about, count yourself among the fortunate.

Rare Pregosaurus Spotted!

Seen here some time after New Years Day 2006, the Pregosaurus has crawled out of her wintery den early this year to peep at her beloved Minnehaha Falls. Could it mean spring has already SPRUNG here in chilly-willy Minnesota?!

make like a crafty gnitter

My immortal beloved subscribes to MAKE Magazine and I have to say, it's pretty dang cool---chock full of fun oddball projects to try (how to make your own PEZ MP3 player, for example). He mentioned that there is actually quite a bit of knitting stuff on their website, so I checked it out and thought I'd share the link here with you all.
Note: this crafty list is not exclusively knit projects---there's other fun stuff too!

link to MAKE crafts

Monday, January 02, 2006

Song of the Week: When the Fool Becomes the King

The Polyphonic Spree. What's not to love?! I just like the fact that there's this many people in the "band" and that they wear these robes! Beyond that, the group's leader Tim DeLaughter can evoke such emotion with his sweet (albeit somewhat hokey) voice, I was sold from the first minute I heard these guys (thanks Johnny E). The best elements of The Beatles and of Queen come through now and again, so like I said, what's not to love?! This is sort of a random sampling, you REALLY need to hear the whole body of work to appreciate them (you can find out more at their site, linked below). You really get the feeling that the Polyphonic Spree is not a band, so much as a way of life. And even though they refer to themselves as a "Family", they are, according to themselves, less of a cult than a "Broadway Revival". The message is so full of love, it will bring a wee tear to your cynical eye...

Warning: this file is gi-normous, the selected "piece" is 10 minutes long.
when the fool becomes the king by The Polyphonic Spree.

New Years Raz-olutions

1. Knock off the aimless "shopping for entertainment"

2. Resist that almost overwhelming temptation to JUDGE

I would like to find my entertainment in things that are a little more fullfilling than wandering around Barnes and Noble pretending that because it's a bookstore, it's okay. So I'm going to try to attend some more inspiring events around town and maybe report back here on the blawg...

Re the JUDGIE-NESS---I can directly gauge my level of spiritual peace by how quick I am to harshly judge OTHERS. So that's actually a selfish move on my part, a wily trick to get myself some more spiritual peace. My friends may have to find a new nickname for me, as I am known in certain circles as "Judgie".

ADDENDUM: I still reserve the right to judge others' musical taste as much as I want. ;-)