Monday, January 02, 2006

Song of the Week: When the Fool Becomes the King

The Polyphonic Spree. What's not to love?! I just like the fact that there's this many people in the "band" and that they wear these robes! Beyond that, the group's leader Tim DeLaughter can evoke such emotion with his sweet (albeit somewhat hokey) voice, I was sold from the first minute I heard these guys (thanks Johnny E). The best elements of The Beatles and of Queen come through now and again, so like I said, what's not to love?! This is sort of a random sampling, you REALLY need to hear the whole body of work to appreciate them (you can find out more at their site, linked below). You really get the feeling that the Polyphonic Spree is not a band, so much as a way of life. And even though they refer to themselves as a "Family", they are, according to themselves, less of a cult than a "Broadway Revival". The message is so full of love, it will bring a wee tear to your cynical eye...

Warning: this file is gi-normous, the selected "piece" is 10 minutes long.
when the fool becomes the king by The Polyphonic Spree.


ninamal said...

Props to them for being so Out There, but are you SURE they're not a cult?!

Anonymous said...

they're not a cult.......lotsa ppl thought they were but they're just a awesome band. i saw em open for david bowie n was freeked by it all. they did that song last n it was just crazy. they have so much energy on stage u think the stage is gonna collapse. u gotta see em live