Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Really, I do knit

Right now I'm working on the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann. It's very fun and I think I'm going to make about 4 of them right off the bat, because there is an unsettling amount of pregnancy in my social strata lately! Good thing I knit or I'd be winding up in the baby shower poorhouse (as opposed to the yarn addict/photo supply poorhouse that is my preference).

Here's the baby surprise jacket so far (click pics to see close-up):

and here's a lovely scarf thingy I'm making for my mom,
it is soooooo close to being done...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MN is a hotbed of knittin' activity---who knew?!

I didn't know. I should've known, since there are about 500 yarn stores here in the Twin Cities metro, let alone in the outlying suburbs and up North, but I didn't know. I got a little lonely for an opportunity to venture out and knit with some other people, and did a google search for "MN KNITTERS" and, lo! Here is what I found that took place the very next weekend:


First, we got neato backpacks of goodies

Then, there was some of this:

and boatloads of this:

Annie Modesitt was the keynote speaker---wonderful and funny

And best of all, after a little conniving (begging) because I was too late to register, I managed to get into the knitting class that I'd hoped for: Bavarian Twisted Stitch with Meg Swansen, who is a wonderful human being and a fabulous teacher! I've loved reading her mom's (THE Elizabeth Zimmermann) books over the years and it was a pleasure to meet Meg.

What can I say? I'm a dork about knitting and I've found my fellow trekkies! Here's a link to a blog by a nice woman who was in my class (hi Debra!): Cashmere Dreams

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here's my latest favorite quote from my wonderful husband:

"It takes a village...and we're the village idiots!"

Thursday, April 05, 2007

You people are BASTARD people!

Gnitter is back, friends. And look what the hell's been going on around here in my absence! I finally got kicked out of the "Knitting Blogs" web-ring. Why do those knitches hate my baby so much?!

Oh, well. maybe it would help if I started posting about knitting again. ;-)