Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MN is a hotbed of knittin' activity---who knew?!

I didn't know. I should've known, since there are about 500 yarn stores here in the Twin Cities metro, let alone in the outlying suburbs and up North, but I didn't know. I got a little lonely for an opportunity to venture out and knit with some other people, and did a google search for "MN KNITTERS" and, lo! Here is what I found that took place the very next weekend:


First, we got neato backpacks of goodies

Then, there was some of this:

and boatloads of this:

Annie Modesitt was the keynote speaker---wonderful and funny

And best of all, after a little conniving (begging) because I was too late to register, I managed to get into the knitting class that I'd hoped for: Bavarian Twisted Stitch with Meg Swansen, who is a wonderful human being and a fabulous teacher! I've loved reading her mom's (THE Elizabeth Zimmermann) books over the years and it was a pleasure to meet Meg.

What can I say? I'm a dork about knitting and I've found my fellow trekkies! Here's a link to a blog by a nice woman who was in my class (hi Debra!): Cashmere Dreams

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