Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years Raz-olutions

1. Knock off the aimless "shopping for entertainment"

2. Resist that almost overwhelming temptation to JUDGE

I would like to find my entertainment in things that are a little more fullfilling than wandering around Barnes and Noble pretending that because it's a bookstore, it's okay. So I'm going to try to attend some more inspiring events around town and maybe report back here on the blawg...

Re the JUDGIE-NESS---I can directly gauge my level of spiritual peace by how quick I am to harshly judge OTHERS. So that's actually a selfish move on my part, a wily trick to get myself some more spiritual peace. My friends may have to find a new nickname for me, as I am known in certain circles as "Judgie".

ADDENDUM: I still reserve the right to judge others' musical taste as much as I want. ;-)

1 comment:

Amy said...

I am willing to bet that having a baby will allow you to instantly fulfill your resolutions: no more time to shop for anything other than diapers and baby stuff, and you'll be so harshly judging yourself (if you want to experience non-stop guilt and self-judgment, have a baby!) you won't have time or energy to judge anyone else! I exaggerate, but not really...