Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Song this Week: Bob Dylan Blues

Well, I was going to pick Bjork's "All is Full of Love", but I decided to pick a song full of snide resentment instead---just because it's so dang funny! This is Syd Barrett's angry little jab at Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan Blues. I'm guessing it was recorded somewhere around 1969, not too long before Syd went right off his nut. He seems pretty darned lucid on this number, though, and Bob Dylan had better watch out!

For those of you who would like some of Bjork's love as well, here she is performing that song for Live 8: All is Full of Love
Here's more info about Syd (there are lots of Syd Barrett websites out there, but most of them are, uh, out there, so I used Wikopedia here).

NOTE: The link to listen to my song of the week will only be posted for a week. after that you gotta find it yourself.


sari gordon said...

OMG! that's the most beautimous, most sweetest happy song i've heard in ages! i haven't heard any "new" Syd songs until this one and it's like finding him all over again! Thank you!

bootchie said...

I know! Pure, resentful genius! I especially like the Bob-ish guitar playing and the chorus, "I'm a poet, don't you know it, and the wind, you can blow it"---that makes me laugh every time!

sari gordon said...

you know that reminds me. a friend of ours who used to be a rock writer did an article about bob dylan where he speculated--from lyrics and some performances he'd seen--that bob was a schizophrenic (just like syd). I wonder if bob was faking it to be like syd, the way he was a born-again to be like... uh.. no one?