Friday, February 10, 2006

My first sacrifice (baby, someday I'll make you feel guilty about this)

I think I have mentioned here on the gnitter just how much I LOVE Ray Davies, but do you, dear reader, really understand?!

My life would bear much less poetry, paranoia, beauty and humor if my brain didn't have a little detour into Mister Davies Neighborhood in it. I was just telling my dear husband this morning that I can't wait to play the Kinks all the time for our little fella when he's born. Come to find out (thanks to the Treehouse), Ray Davies will be playing here on April 4th, and at First Avenue, no less! Ray Davies at First Avenue

Now, this is one week after our baby is "scheduled" to join us here outside the womb, and it pains me to realize that I won't be able to go...would it be child abuse to take him to First Avenue a week after he's born? Am I a complete Pollyanna for thinking I'd want to, having just had a C-section?! If I'm truly honest, I get the feeling I won't care what the f*#k is going on in the outside world for a while once I have that little bean in my arms.

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sari gordon said...

Oh man, you are being put to the test right away! I think you're right about the baby bubble, though. You won't care about anything. Baby snot will fill you with joy.

Also, there's a Ray/Kinks documentary that's been running on the DOC channel lately. I should grab it and see what you think.

I could drive you to the show, keep the car running and babysit in the parking lot if you want!